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The Internet world is constantly mutating and, as often happens, the changes come from the United States. Until now, the trend among online enterprises was to automate their customer relations at all costs. But as some firms, such as U.S.-based Spirit Airlines, can attest, exchanging human interaction for automation can result in customer communication that is so bad the company gets burned. In fact, Spirit had such disastrous online customer support that furious passengers created several websites to publicize their complaints ( or

Fortunately, times have changed and a new wave of online customer support is emerging from American companies.

In the face of today’s demanding consumers and increasingly ferocious competition, companies are opting for proximity. The movement is particularly marked in the travel industry, where service and a friendly welcome go together. To differentiate themselves and remain competitive, companies are turning toward help desk and live chat solutions.

Among the solutions available today, is experiencing real success today among the most innovative companies. The differentiating reason for this French start-up’s success? Only Talkus offers a multi-channel solution seamlessly integrated into Slack, the collaboration application preferred by start-up companies.

Moreover, the company, founded in 2015, is expanding rapidly in the U.S. From Penn State University on the East Coast to the largest nationwide Bitcoin network Coinsource in California, many American companies have found salvation for their customers in Talkus.

The French turn to their clients

French startups are not, however, standing still, using Slack to better communicate with their collaborators. Naturally, they turn to Talkus to simplify their client communication. For Eelway, a Parisian startup of on-demand baggage storage and transfer, creating an atmosphere of confidence for clients is essential. Eelway’s service offer is simple: Take charge of baggage directly at the airport upon arrival and deliver it to a location at a specified hour. Conversely, Eelway collects baggage at a hotel or Airbnb to bring it to a train station or airport. Eelway works in partnership with travel companies such as hotelier Groupe Accor and airline Aigle Azur. “Talkus allows us to interact with our clients in real time, to reassure them, and often to close a sale,” explains Julien Alary, Eelway’s Chief Technology Officer.

Alary adds that, “Our competition is rather `old school’ and to have a support solution directly on our site and via SMS allows us to offer more proximity and to give our customers confidence, which is essential before they will decide to trust us with their baggage.”

Generation Y needs immediacy

For the Digital Native generation, immediacy has become the norm. “This behavior is even more present with Generation Z,” declares Paul Tilstone, Managing Partner of Festive Road consultancy in the U.K. “It is clear that as soon as any proposed service is transactional, being able to converse with customers and prospects, to help them in real time through any channel of communication, is the expected standard, and not having this ability would be a great disadvantage.”

LoungeUp, a developer of customer relations solutions for the hotel industry (electronic concierge, email, SMS and CRM), has been using Talkus for over a year. LoungeUp software is used by over 1700 clients in a sector where maybe more than anywhere else, reaction time, listening and empathy are essential values.

Private Sites and Personalized Services

Only a VIP strategy will do for Francois-Xavier David, CEO, of cultural agent Arcus Voyages:

“We launched Arcus’Lab in October. It is a private platform where our clients themselves can put together, from thousands of possibilities, their outings, events and trips,” Francois-Xavier explains.

“Talkus allows us to be present online when our clients need our consultants’ help to make their selection. Given the profusion of cultural happenings proposed every week, our experts talk and counsel our clients; it has turned out to be particularly effective for people who are not from Generation Y.” integrates the full ensemble of an enterprise’s communication channels — email, live chat, SMS, voice and social media Twitter and Facebook — within Slack, while adding the functionalities of a customer support application. Moreover, Talkus allows companies to manage their FAQs, send out information and dialog with website visitors.