Back in America

In this podcast, international journalist Stan Berteloot explores unique and amazing American stories from his multicultural perspective.

A French native, Stan spent his senior High School year in Iowa. He went on to live in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC while attending the University of Maryland where he graduated with a BA in journalism. Upon return to France, he steadily climbed the corporate ladder but has now come back to America, finding himself in the new and unaccustomed role as the trailing spouse of a successful career woman, and father of an adolescent climate activist. He and his family live in Princeton, New Jersey between New York and Philadelphia. He continues to contribute to an international magazine as a feature journalist with a specific interest in today’s society’s hot button issues.

Back in America takes you on a journey across the global forces that shape our sense​of purpose and belonging on a personal level.

Each episode explores why and how Americans do what they do. While easy and entertaining to listen to, Stan doesn’t shy away from difficult and personal questions and explores issues from different angles and perspectives. Every topic is game; politics, social issues, climate crises, gender issues, racial issues, sex, and diversity… and everything else in-between.

Provocative ideas for inquisitive and open-minded listeners. 

back in america podcast


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