Filming a documentary that promotes revolutionary ideas about your business is both fascinating, intellectually challenging, and makes total business sense.
A documentary invites renowned experts to comment on a topic. Exposing pros and cons views will create a sense of balance and of fairness for the viewers.
I believe that the approach of combining credible sources of opposing opinions should be used in brand marketing as it creates a stronger stand for the ideas that you want to promote.


Start by drafting the story you want to tell. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Don’t be kind to yourself: remember that in the age of fake news people mistrust everything.
Take this onboard and address viewers’ doubt from the start. Let your interviewees do the talking. Let them answer the difficult questions.

It is All About the Editing

The Apprentice reality TV show largely helped build Donald Trump‘s persona. However, it was the producers’ editing and storytelling that fashioned the image of a man that later became the one people elected.

In a brand journalism exercise, the same is true. Use indisputable facts as the foundation of your story. Plant the seed of the ideas you want people to think about. Be the answer they will be left looking for and, when they come, for it make it easy to be found.

In June 2015 I scripted, directed Next is Now a documentary on the future of travel.

Watch it here: